Marlow self catering accommodation

Short-term let in Marlow-on-Thames

Hobart is a double ensuite bedroom upstairs at the front

Hobart (Sir Miles, b 1826):

This Bedroom is named after the First MP for Marlow.

In 1628 in the reign of Charles I, Sir Miles Hobart, whose father had purchased Harleyford in 1599, was MP for Marlow.

In the Commons on March 2nd, a set of resolutions, to which the King objected, were being debated. It became clear that King Charles was about to dissolve Parliament before the resolutions could be passed. This would have been fatal to the cause of reform. So Sir Miles locked the door of the House, either to keep the King's messenger out or to keep the more timid members in, and the resolutions were passed.

As soon as the House was dissolved, Sir Miles was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower, but eventually released. In 1632 Sir Miles was killed when his coach ran away going down Holborn Hill in London.

Parliament voted £500 to erect the monument to Sir Miles which today can be seen on the west wall of the vestibule of All Saints Parish Church Marlow.

Remnantz in West Street, Marlow was built in 1720. It is named after a successful Woolwich iron-founder called Stephen Remnant, who inherited it in 1756